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How Smart Property Managers are Cutting Costs (and Surprising Tenants)

Posted by Brian Holbrook on

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As a property manager, you work hard to control costs. But with rising prices, you need some help to keep expenses low. Let me show you how to reduce your property’s overhead.


What Most Property Managers Miss


Everyone in the industry has the same expensive problem: heating and air conditioning systems. They have to be cleaned, repaired and replaced – and the expenses just keep piling up. But some property managers are cutting costs by switching to high-efficiency pleated air filters.

Nowadays, when folks think of air filters, they think of protecting their health and the environment. But did you know that air filters were first invented to protect equipment? Now, high-efficiency pleated air filters are taking this protection to the next level.


How Making One Simple Switch Reduces Overhead


High-efficiency pleated air filters save you money by extending the lifetime of your HVAC units. These special air filters place less strain on your systems – and they capture more of the tiny particles that cause your equipment to break down.

Switching to a high-efficiency pleated air filter means that your HVAC systems will last longer. Your units will require less maintenance and repairs. And your tenants will be better protected from the tiny particles that cause allergic reactions and other health problems.


How to Invest in the Future of Your Property


If you’ve been using cheap throw-away filters, now is the time to make the switch to high-efficiency. Reduce your overhead. Extend the life of your HVAC units. And surprise your tenants with a healthy upgrade. Switch to high-efficiency pleated air filters, today!

Want to learn more? Ask us about the perfect air filter for your property :)


High Efficiency Pleated Air Filters 


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