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What Are The Most Energy Efficient Air Filters?

Posted by Brian Holbrook on


You need an air filter that will allow your home to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature. But with so many air filters to choose from, you’re not sure which filter is best for you. Until you find the right solution, your home energy costs will continue to rise.

In this article, you will learn about the super energy efficient Practical Pleat Home Air Filter.


High Energy Efficiency: Practical Pleat Home Air Filters


Energy Efficient Practical Pleat Home Air Filter 

Practical Pleat Air Filters are up to 28 times more effective at capturing particles than standard fiberglass panel filters. They are provided in depths of five-inches, but are designed to fit in and take the place of standard one-inch filters. Because of the greater surface area provided, our 5” Practical Pleat Home Air Filter allows better air flow and helps you to reduce energy costs by as much as 300% compared to one-inch pleated filters.

In general, the more efficient a filter is at removing particles, the greater it's resistance to airflow, and the greater the pressure drop it creates. But one way to overcome this problem is to increase the surface area of the filter media. The "Practical Pleat" contains over 500% greater surface area than most air filters.


  • 28X Increased Efficiency
  • Eliminates Filter Bypass
  • Designed to fit into 1" Return Air Grilles
  • Long lasting 5" MERV 10 high performance


Practical Pleats Last Longer


These custom air filters also have a working life span that is 6 times longer than most 1-inch standard capacity filters. That means you get 180 days of great air quality and low operating cost from a “Practical Pleat” as compared to only 30 days with the 1-inch standard filter.


Practical Pleats Prevent Bypass


Spaces and gaps between the filter and its frame allow air to pass by without being filtered, this is known as bypass. Over a period of time this partial bypass can build up in ducts and on evaporating coils reducing efficiency and adding in mold and mildew growth. “Practical Pleat” air filters eliminate bypass with a self-sealing gasket that conforms to imperfections in the frame.




Practical Pleat Home Air Filters are the most energy efficient air filter that we can offer you. These filters will allow you to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain the perfect temperature inside your home. 


To learn more, please click HERE to read a detailed brochure (Adobe Reader PDF file).


Check out High Energy Efficiency – Practical Pleat Air Filters

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