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What Is The Best Home Air Filter For Mold?

Posted by Brian Holbrook on


Mold has invaded your home and you need an air filter to help defeat it. But with so many air filters to choose from, you’re not sure which filter is best for you. Until you find the right solution, you and your family are exposed to severe health risks.

In this article, you will learn which Home Air Filter helps eliminate mold.


Air Filters That Capture Mold Spores


Inside the home, molds grow frequently in places that are warm, damp and dark. However, mold itself does not trigger allergic or asthmatic reactions. Instead, the microscopic mold spores (seeds) floating through the air cause coughing, wheezing, stuffy and runny noses in those who are allergic.

These awful mold spores make indoor and outdoor air quality unbearable for some. As tiny mold spores float in the air and evade the protective mechanisms of your respiratory system, you'll find comfort in the fact that there are air filters than may help reduce and eliminate mold in your home.


Mold Spore Eliminating: Practical Pleat Air Filters


Mold Spore Eliminating Practical Pleat Air Filter

Practical Pleat Home Air Filters are up to 28 times more effective at capturing particles than standard fiberglass panel filters. They are provided in depths of five-inches, but are designed to fit in and take the place of standard one-inch filters. Because of the greater surface area provided, our 5” Practical Pleat Home Air Filter allows better air flow and helps you to reduce energy costs by as much as 300% compared to one-inch pleated filters.


What about HEPA filters?


HEPA air filters are used in many medical facilities. They filter 99.97% of most particles. But these filters are impractical to use in homes due to the large pressure drop the dense HEPA filter material causes in central HVAC systems.

Fortunately, tests show that less obstructive, high-efficiency “Practical Pleat” air filters are almost as effective as true HEPA filters at removing mold spores, with much lower system and operating costs.




While air filters eliminate mold spores, they don’t tackle any underlying problem of mold growth. Though mold spores freely float about nearly everywhere you go, actively growing colonies of mold must still be eliminated. However, Practical Pleat Home Air Filters are a great way to begin helping your family breath more easy.


Check out Mold Spore Eliminating – Practical Pleat Home Air Filters

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